Measuring Your Seals

Measuring your seal

Measuring Standard seals

Standard seals includes all bead type seals and all flap type seals but does not include reverse welded seals and push-in seals, for reverse welded seals please contact us prior to ordering, for push-in seals please see below:

Measure from outside edge along the top of your seal, then the same again from top to bottom.

Measuring push-In seals

Push in seals can be measured from three points, outside edges, outside magnet pockets or centre of arrow heads. Our manufacturing plant will always use outside edge measurements, if for some reason you can only measure the centre of arrowheads please let us know and we can calculate an overall measurement prior to manufacture.

Measuring the height of the seal

Occasionally we will need the height of your seal. The easiest way to measure this is by measuring the cap between the door and the fridge itself while the fridge door is closed, making sure to measure the HINGE side of the door. The height we require does not include the arrowhead height.

How to measure your Round Top Seal

For us to make your round top seals we will need TWO measurements. Measurement A is taken along the bottom of the door seal as shown by the blue arrows in the picture below. Make sure you measure to the outside edges of the seal. Measurement B is take from the bottom of either side of the door seal, all the way up the side of the door seal, around the top and back down to the bottom of the other side of the door (as shown by the red arrows in the picture below).


Reverse welded seals